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5 Must Do's to Get Fit for Summer!

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Temperatures are rising and before long we'll all be baring a bit more flesh!  But the summer months aren't just about attaining a mythical bikini body.  For a truly healthier approach to summer 2017, follow these 5 fitness tips to get in shape for the sunny season.

We all want to look good as the suncream and shades emerge once again, but crash diets and intense exercise routines don't do our bodies - or our minds, much good in the long term.  Instead opt for a change of attitude to health in general and try these top tips to work towards a healthier lifestyle. 


5 Must Do's to Get Fit for Summer!

1. Eat healthily

We're all adults here - you know that salad is better for you than a great big slice of chocolate cake.  Be sensible, eat regular meals and include lots of fresh produce.  Don't reduce your calorie intake if you plan to exercise as you'll need the energy, but be careful with the choices you do make.  Slow release high energy meals and snacks are better for you than quick fix sugar treats.  Sometimes, though, healthy nutrition (without dieting) isn't quite this clear cut.  We all want to be healthy, but sometimes we don't know where or how to start when it comes to food.  Why not have a chat with Katherine about nutrition and learn how you can have more energy, stamina and vitality, improve fitness levels and performance and increase concentration and alertness.


2. Set realistic goals

If your current exercise routine currently involves a walk from the front door to the car for work then you need to be realistic about the level of activity you can manage.  Set realistic goals that you are likely to achieve within your current level of fitness - over time gradually build up the amount of exercise you do.  Similarly, if you have lots of commitments outside of work such as childcare, voluntary work or caring for relatives, you're probably already feeling pretty time poor.  Carve out some time just for you in the week, make sure it is an achievable goal and then stick to it.  Aiming for an hourly workout every evening along with a 10k weekend run is not a realistic option for all - don't set yourself up to fail from the start.  Have a positive attitude and be kind to yourself. 


3. Warm up

If you haven't exercised for a while be sure to gently warm up your muscles to avoid injury.  You should also warm down after your fitness session.  Stretch little and often to gain full benefit and never stretch a cold muscle. Gradually increase the length of time you hold the stretches from 10- 30 seconds.  Find out more about the right way to stretch.  You can also see some video tutorials on types of stretches that you may find of use.


4. Pick a form of exercise that suits you and your lifestyle

Whether you intend to hit the gym, work along with a home fitness video, cycle, run or take part in a competitive sport - choose something that you like.  If the thought of entering a gym makes you break out into a cold sweat, instead opt for something that better suits your personality and lifestyle.  Are you in a position to sign up for a regular weekly class?  Do you want to train alone or does the company of others motivate you to try harder?  Check out local clubs that may be able to offer you company with like minded people and the motivation to train on a regular basis.  Are you on a tight budget or are you happy to obtain any equipment and kit needed for your newfound hobby?  These cheap and fun gym-free activities are a great way to improve your health and fitness.


5. Have a maintenance massage

Regular sports massage increases flexibility, mobility and range of motion as well as assisting the body's own healing processes.  After exercise, massage promotes muscle recovery and prevents over use.  There's little point in embarking on a stringent exercise routine if you have to stop regularly due to injury.  Why not take advantage of some great offers from Eastleigh Sports Massage and block book in 4 treatments at a reduced rate?



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