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Planning your race diary - get marathon ready!

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It's that time of year!  The runners among you will be starting to plan your race schedule for the year ahead - but what about your massage schedule? 

Whether you're a seasoned marathon pro or a complete novice bravely embarking on your first major race, careful planning is the key to a successful marathon.  It's not just your exercise and running that should be planned, however.  Deep tissue massage improves blood flow to your muscles which helps flush out the byproducts of hard exercise. 

Other benefits include:

  • reducing soreness
  • improving your range of motion
  • breaking up scar tissue that can restrict muscle movement

When to plan your sports massage

Deep tissue massage may leave you feeling sore, so think of it as a workout and strategically include it in your marathon training plan.  You should always get a massage after your run and preferably when you have an easy run planned for the following day - this will help with the recovery process.

On the day of the marathon it's not recommended to get a massage.  After a race of this distance you'll have a fair amount of muscle damage and inflammation, so you'll need to let your body heal itself for a day or so.  Schedule in your massage for three to five days after the race to give your body a chance to deal with the symptoms of post-marathon soreness and muscle damage.

Just as you should wait three to five days after a race to schedule a massage, make sure you give your body three to five days after a massage before you race.  Massage can be helpful during periods of heavy training to help prevent injuries and regular sessions should be planned into your marathon preparations.

Planning your training

Plan to build up your stamina and exercise steadily with a gradual increase each week.  Remember also to take care of your feet and toes (cut nails, take off hard skin) as they'll be subject to hours of training.

For assistance with planning your training schedule, take a look at the official London marathon website >

Alternatively, beginners may like some help devising a 6 month training plan, whilst seasoned runners with a higher fitness level might like to take a look at the more traditional 12 to 14 week plan.


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